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The Western Australian Birdlife 2024 Calendar
The Western Australian Birdlife 2024 Calendar opens to A3 size, 13 pages with spiral opening in the middle.
Each page is two x A4 size featuring an A4 photo of one of our birds on the top and the month calendar in A4 on the bottom, with a hole at the top for hanging.
The photos by Gordon Haywood have been taken in the Perth Hills and nearby and are printed on high quality photo paper in lustre finish.
The calendar days include Australian Public Holidays, can be written on in pencil, pen or felt marker.
At the end of 2024 you have 12 different photos that can be framed giving you endless enjoyment of our wonderful birdlife.

All this for $25.00 + From $5.00 Postage

To BUY a Western Australian Birdlife 2024 Calendar click on one of the images below, when that images opens, click BUY (Top RH corner) or Click the Cart Image on your Mobile Device and follow the prompts, Thank you
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